201 Stainless Steel Table

The 201 Stainless Steel table is commonly use in the food and beverage industry. Restaurant prefer to use the 201 stainless steel table as the kitchen working table. Besides, 201 stainless steel table can be found in a lot of food processing industry and production line. This is because this type of working table is able to fulfilled most of the user production and usability need.

The stainless steel table has a smooth and reflective surface. By comparing to the other type of working table such as aluminium table, 201 stainless steel table are more suitable. This stainless steel working table has a better working top for food processing work flow. Besides, it is easier to be cleaned and take care. Furthermore, the user can work on the table with more roughness action although it is not recommended. In short, stainless steel table is more durable and it has corrosion resistance feature.

201 Stainless steel is a steel composite with nickel and magnesium. 201 stainless steel is developed with the formula of using the magnesium and nitrogen to reduce the more expensive chromium and nickel. These formula is able to maintain most of the 304 stainless steel feature and properties. And it can be manufactured at a lower cost. Thus, a lot of restaurant is using the 201 stainless steel table in the kitchen. The 201 Stainless steel table is corrosion resistance even being place in the mild environment like kitchen. 201 stainless steel table preserved the 304 stainless steel working top properties such as corrosion resistance and hardness. One of the different is 304 stainless steel working table is having a better elastic properties. If the user prefer elasticity, this is a 201 stainless steel down side. However, in most of the restaurant and food and industry, elasticity is not the major concern. Thus, the restaurant will prefer to use 201 stainless steel table because of its toughness, hardness and purchase cost.

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