Become Productive In A Cheerful Office

Everyone is imagining themselves working in a cheerful, harmony office where everyone are so friendly and thoughtful. And everything, every part and every substance in the office are so ideal. The design is cool nice and modern. There are free flow coffee and tea for the whole day. We feel so happy to work in this particular office. Ideally, we should able to work with high performance. However, the case is not that ideal. Sometime we are still fail to perform. We are not that productive and do not work effectively. That is the scenario. Let us go through some method which is able to improve our efficiency and productivity.



Create A Daily Schedule And To-Do List

List of the task which have to done within the 8 – 9 working hours. Pack all the task according to the time list and time frame. Finish the work which must be finish first. And do not spend time on task that is not that relevant. At least it is not relevant for that particular day. If it is not that important, finish what you think you must complete first. List everything on a schedule or to-do list will help you figure out the priority of each task. At least you know what task is on your hand. You can either use some software like excel or to-do list application. There are a lot of the to-do list software for your selection. Pick any app which can fulfilled your requirement. Or at least pick the one that you feel it look nice to you. Additionally, you may schedule your to-do list the day before your next working day. And you can finalize most of the task in the early morning. And yes, there are some uncertainty during your working hours. However, the to-do list will be a guideline to tell you what you have to do first. Instead of keep on thinking what should you do, at least you know what have to do at that instant after go through your daily schedule.


Track Your Time

Sometime at the end of the day, we do not know where our time is spent by us. And we will think we are too busy and the task are too many for us. But when we try to figure out where the time is gone, we never know what is happening to us actually. We only know the day with 24 hours is not enough. However, track our time is the method to know what we have spent our time on. In order to track our time, we will record the time that we spend on each task. This is including the time that we spend to chat with our colleague or go to the washroom. At the end of the day, let see the time tracking report, we will know what we have done and how much time we have spent or waste. Yes, we need to know; are we wasting our time. Sometime without the actual data, we can easily get a common reason to fool ourselves that the we cannot finish our daily because the time is too short. Thus, we need a data to proof our theory. If we are really that busy, we need to find some way to settle our work load. If we cannot perform effectively because of bad daily schedule, we should find a better approach to reschedule our daily task.



Learn To Take A Break

Break is not always being categorized as a time-wasting task. Yes, we should take a break when we really need a break. Our human mind is not that powerful so time. It will slow down or not work like the way that you think it should. Thus, slow down ourselves and get a proper break is the solution. Walking around the lovely and cheerful office; Get a cup of coffee in the pantry if our boss is so kind to setup a good coffee machine in the office. Sufficient resting and breaking period will make us to work with a better stamina. Instead of looking on the monitor without know what to do or doing task with a slow performance; it is good to relax ourselves for a period of time and boost up to work in a more productive and high performance way.

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