Cake Delivery Bag

The cake delivery bag is used to send the cake from the bakery to the customer. Cake delivery service popularity is growing rapidly in Malaysia. It is very convenience for the buyer to select the cake and make the order online. Cake is one of the food category which is suitable be sold online. This is because the cake recipe and appearance are easier to be standardised. The buyer can view the actual cake image through the website, Facebook or Instagram. The actual product and the images must not have so much differences. If there are too many differences, the cake artist and bakery must have serious problem to produce a good product.

In order to send the product to the buyer, the rider require a suitable cake delivery bag. The rider must always prevent the cake from any impact. The impact will damage the cake seriously. Thus, the bakery and riders will find the cake delivery bag which is suitable for their cake design and packing box size. In this case, backpack food delivery bag is not recommended to be used to carry the cake. On the other hand, the hand carry cake delivery bag and permanent fixed cake delivery bag are the better choice.

The hand carry cake delivery bag is suitable to carry the cake. This is because the delivery agent hand will act like a suspension to reduce the vibration and unnecessary shaky movement when they walk from one place to another place. Compare to sling carry and backpack food delivery bag, these two type of thermal bag are much shaky when the rider is walking. The vibration and shaky movement will cause the damage to the cake. Thus, the delivery agent will try to use the hand carry cake delivery bag to send cake. Normally, the hand carry cake delivery bag are used by the delivery agent who send the cake by driving the car or van.

Besides, the permanent fixed cake delivery bag is suitable for the rider who send the cake by using motorcycle. The hand carry cake delivery bag is not ideal if the rider is driving the motorcycle. There is no way for them to carry the bag and drive the vehicle at the same time. It is danger. Thus, the rider will prefer to use the permanent fixed cake delivery bag. The bag will be installed behind the motorcycle seat. After the cake is place inside the box, some of the rider will put in the bubble wrap to fill up the empty space of the bag. They are doing this to prevent the cake packing box from moving.

Additionally, the cake delivery bag is able to maintain the cold temperature. Adding the dry ice pack will extend the temperature maintaining time. This is the solution to prevent the cake in the hard card box from melting.

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