Food Delivery Bag Malaysia

The food delivery bag is the thermal bag which is designed for the food delivery rider to carry the food and send the food to the customer. The food delivery bag is one type bag of the thermal bag family. The bag is thermal insulated and it has the water resistance ability. The food delivery thermal is able to maintain the food temperature whether it is cold or hot. Additionally, the food delivery bag is able to protect the food and meal box from rain water. The rider will carry the bag which is full of meal box along with them when they are traveling outdoor. Thus, the food delivery bag is required by the rider to make sure the food is not exposed to the rain water when it is a raining day. Besides, the rider also use the bag to make sure the food is not expose to the dirty substance and polluted air on the road. The thermal bag is also one the key tool to be used to maintain the food hygiene level. The restaurant and the rider are committed to served only hot, clean and tasty food to the customer.

Malaysia 65L Food Delivey Bag - Front View
Malaysia 65L Food Delivery Thermal Bag - Side Back
Malaysia 65L Backpack Food Delivery Thermal Bag - Red Color- Front
Red Color 65L Food Delivery Thermal Bag - Back View

Backpack Food Delivery Thermal Bag

RM240 (L) / RM 210 (S)

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Feature Of Food Delivery Bag

Thermal Insulated

The food delivery bag is a thermal insulated bag. It is designed to maintain the temperature of the food. The bag is able to keep hot and cold food and make sure the temperature of the food is not change rapidly. The thermal insulated bag is able to block the external heat and trap the internal heat inside the carrier space of the thermal bag. Thus, the cold food will be always cold and the hot food will be always hot when it is placed inside the thermal insulated bag.


Water Resistance

The cover of the food delivery bag is made by using the thermoplastic vinyl laminated fabric layer. The vinyl thermoplastic layer is a water resistance material. It is thermoplastic resin which can block the water from flowing through it. Thus, the food delivery thermal insulated bag is having the water resistance ability and it is fine to be carried under the rain. By using the bag to keep the food, small rain will not create serious problem for rider who need to served the urgent order.


The Food Delivery Bag Users

Home Cook Food Delivery Kitchen

The dispatch riders of the food delivery service kitchen are the users of the food delivery bag. In Malaysia, there are many kitchen and chef who serve delicious local, western or fusion food through the food delivery method. They operate their own food delivery social media pages and account in order to interact with their fan and customer. They cook the tasty food ; promote in their own social network pages and do the food delivery task by themselves.

Food Delivery Services Vendors

The food delivery service vendors are one of the main users of the food delivery bag. They helping the restaurant to receive the customer order and their riders will help to collect the food and send to the customer. The food delivery service vendors are providing the sale and marketing solution for the restaurant who wish to committed to the food delivery services. Furthermore, the food delivery service vendors such as Foodpanda And Runningman are having a huge and functional food delivery riders team to serve the restaurants and customers.

Fast Food Restaurant

There are several worldwide franchises fast food restaurant in Malaysia which have providing the food delivery service for a long time ago. Pizza hut, KFC, McDonald And Domino are the popular fast food franchises in Malaysia which are providing the fast food delivery services. Their riders are using the thermal box and food delivery bag to send the fast food to the customer in a short time. These franchises fast food restaurant have a well-organized food delivery service team and system. Food delivery bag are one of the tool which is used by them to make sure the food is hot when it is sent to the destination.

Type Of Food Delivery Bag

Backpack Food Delivery Bag

The backpack thermal bag is the bag which is carry at the back of the food delivery rider. It is a thermal bag with the highest mobility rate.

Sling Carry Food Delivery Bag

The thermal bag which is carry on the shoulder of the rider. The sling carry thermal box is suitable to correct lighter food.

Hand Carry Thermal Bag

The hand carry food delivery thermal bag is suitable to be used to carry food like cake, desert, beverage or small quantity meal box.

Thermal Insulated Hardcover Box

The thermal insulated hardcover box is a permanently fixed thermal box for motorcycle. It is durable and water proof.



Vinyl Laminated Oxford Fabric

The vinyl laminated oxford fabric is a durable and high tensile nylon fabric material. Vinyl is a thermal insulated and water resistance thermoplastic material.

Aluminium Foil

The aluminium foil is a heat reflective material. It is able to reflect and trap the heat inside the bag. Besides, it is able to block the water from coming into the bag.

Tips To Buy The Food Delivery Bag

List the Requirement

Before selecting a food delivery bag, the restaurant and riders are advised to list out the requirement. After understanding the delivery distance, average order quantity and meal box dimension, the purchaser will finalize the requirement of the food delivery bag. The purchaser of the restaurant will find and select the food delivery thermal bag base on the stated requirement.


Review The Thermal Bag

The purchaser will review the food delivery bag and box before finalize the thermal bag selection. The purchaser is required to understand the features of the thermal bag. The purchaser is doing the review to select a thermal bag which can fulfilled the requirement of the restaurant and delivery rider.


Online Purchase

There are ecommerce website such as Amazon and Ebay which have listed the information about the food delivery bag. The restaurant purchaser can purchase the food delivery bag from the seller of the ecommerce website. Buying the food delivery bag from the oversea online seller is the easier way to get the thermal bag supply for the food delivery riders.


Walk In Purchase

Some local thermal insulated bag supplier is selling the food delivery bag. The restaurant purchaser can obtain the address and contact info of the thermal bag supplier from the Google Search Engine. Before visiting the food delivery thermal bag supplier warehouse, the restaurant purchaser can do a phone call inquiry to understand the detail and stock availability of the thermal bag. After finalize the information, the restaurant purchaser can visit the warehouse of the thermal bag supplier and complete the order and purchase process.


Tips To Clean The Food Delivery Bag

After the delivery task is completed, the food delivery bag will become dirty. The riders or kitchen crew can use a wet clothe to wipe the aluminium foil layer of the thermal bag. On the other hand, the rider can use the air gun to remove the dust and water which are left over at the outer cover fabric of the thermal bag. It is recommended to clean the thermal bag frequently to make sure the food delivery thermal bag is free of mould, dust, food leftover substance and bad odour.

At the same time, the kitchen crew must not put the thermal insulated bag inside the water during the bag cleaning process. If the water is soak into the bag, the moist and water are requiring a long time to be completely evaporate from the fabric and span layer. The rider and kitchen crew are playing the important role to make sure the food delivery bags are always clean.

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