Implement Influencer Marketing On A Budget

Influencer marketing is become popular in the marketing industry. Nowadays, there are many social media platform such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram which have a lot of multi-million followers influencers. Why implement influencer marketing for our branding ? The average ROI of influencer marketing is higher compare to other traditional marketing solution. In other words, the influencer marketing is much more effective. The branding publishing and marketing budget can split and invest into different influencer content and different influencer marketing plan. We do not need to invest a huge amount of money on a single media marketing plan with a single expensive celebrity. So, influencer marketing is a good marketing solution when we do not have some multimillion marketing budget for our project and branding. Although, sound like the influencer is relatively cheaper to invest, we still need to have a good and effective marketing budget spending plan. The following are some guidelines to spend the marketing budget effectively and practically.


Find A Ideal Influencer

First of all, we need to find a influencer. We have approach the influencer and understand the influencer detail. Most of the time, we can browse through the Google network or Youtube platform to search and build up the influencer listing. However, there are several website and agency company who are able to provide a good solution and influencer listing. There are multi channel network (MCN) companies who are providing the influencer marketing solution for us. Instead of do all the research by ourselves, we can hire the MCN company to serve our requirement and assist us to find the influencer who is suitable for our marketing plan.

Different influencer has different audience, different active platform and different type of content. We need to find the one who are able to help us to target and approach the most relevant and potential audience. Investing the marketing budget on the correct influencer is the key factor to improve the ROI.

Allow The Influencers To Be Creative

After selecting and sign up with the influencer, we need to let them to become creative. Instead of forcing the influencer to create the content base on our imagination, it better for us to thrust their creativity. They are more professional to create the content and they are the one who know their audience far more better than us. They know how to communicate with their audience. Let them do what they think is good to promote our branding and product.


Start With Micro-Influencer Marketing

Always start with micro-influencer. Hiring the multi-million followers influencers is relative more costly. They might have a lot of followers, but this does not mean that all the followers are our audience. As an example, the influencer have million of followers but their followers are from the other side of the world. And we are just wish to target a particular city and not the whole world. In this case, It does not make sense to hire the multi-million followers influencer to help us in our marketing project.

Thus, we can start our project with a few micro influencers who have the audience and followers that match our targeting criteria. Invest our budget on these influencer is relatively less risky and having higher forecast ROI.


Monitoring The Audience Engagement

After the marketing plan is kick started, we should monitor the influencer content audience engagement and feedback. By doing this, we can understand how is our marketing plan perform. And is it the influencer is the suitable for us. Audience engagement and feedback are also the reference data for us to review our marketing investment return. This is always the data for us to decide whether we should continue to corporate with the influencer. Additionally, the audience engagement and feedback are relatively easy to be monitor compare to the traditional advertising. By reviewing the content viewing, commenting and sharing record, we can easily know how well is our influencer marketing perform; and the estimate return of our marketing budget investment.

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