What is influencer marketing ?

What is influencer marketing ?

The influencer marketing is a marketing plan that having the branding criteria being embed in the influencer content. Who is the influencer? The influencer is the person or group who are actively posting content and social in the social network. They will have enough followers and content subscriber to improve their influence efficiency. They have a group of followers who will always engage to their content which posted online.


The influencer marketing plan is a marketing plan that having the influencer to embed the marketing content into their content. They will play the role to promote the marketing content. There are few approach and method which will be used by the influencer to share their client content. Some influencer will create a content specially for their client. Some influencer will embed the client branding criteria in certain part of the content. Some influencer will do a review for the client product.


The reason of using influencer marketing is because this type marketing method is being proved with the efficiency and cost effectiveness. Compare to the traditional advertising content, the influencer marketing content is able to archive more engagement from the audience. For the audience, viewing the content which is solely made by the company itself is hardly gain their awareness and acceptance. However, viewing the content which is created and posted by their beloved social influencer and content creator will sound different. They will tend to trust and pay more attention to the influencer content.


There are reasons of why the influencer marketing content is more effective than traditional advertising content. One of reason is the influencer have certain group of followers which is the client targeted audience. Thus, the content which is created by the influencer is easier to attract their interest. On the other hand, some influencers have mass number of followers. Some influencer will have up to millions subscriber and follower. A small amount of click through rate is enough to be converted to become a significant amount of sale value. Because of the high effective content generating cost is relatively lower and the content generation lead time is shorter, the influencer marketing return of investment rate is relatively higher.


Nowadays, there are many social network such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc which have huge number of active users. Among the users, there are a lot of creative influencer who has a lot of followers. Thus, the social network influencer marketing strategy is a good alternative for the company and corporate who wish to improve their products and branding awareness.

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