The Making Of Food Delivery Bag

Let share about how the making process of food delivery bag. One of the common type of food delivery bag is vinyl laminated fabric thermal bag. This type of bag is made by vinyl laminated fabric material and the inner bag is covered with aluminium foil layer.

Before the bag making process, the food delivery bag designer will start to sketch and draft the bag 2d layout. The designer will design and calculated the thermal bag measurement and dimension. Nowadays, most of the sketch and layout is drawn by using computer software such as AutoCad. Obviously, there are many more software out there are able to be used to draw and do measurement calculation. After the thermal bag layout is drawn, the operator will cut the fabric material according to the design layout. The most conventional way to cut the fabric is by using ruler and scissor. However, it is recommended to use clothe jigsaw cutter or layer cutter. Besides the fabric, the operator will cut the span and aluminium foil according to the stated dimension as well.

Once all the pieces are ready, the operator will start to sew the food delivery bag. This is the most challenging part. The food delivery bag is sewn by using heavy duty clothe sewing machine. The operator will select the correct nail to be installed at the sew machine. Besides, the operator will adjust the tightness of the thread. Over tight thread adjustment will spoil the fabric and aluminium foil layer. Over loose thread tightness will reduce the food delivery bag durability and strength.

While sewing the food delivery bag, three major material and stacked together and being sewed at the same time. The outer layer will the vinyl laminated fabric, the span will stay at the middle layer, and the inner layer will the aluminium foil layer. After the food delivery bag structure is sewed, the operator will cover the joining part with thick canvas slipover. Lastly, the items such as zip and Velcro tap will be sewed to the bag. The food delivery bag fabrication is completed after the operator have done all the sewing process.

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