Malaysia Restaurant Menu Printing

The restaurant menu printing is a solution to produce the menu for the customer to read and select the food that they wish to eat. The customer need a menu to know what food is served by the restaurant. Besides, the customer need the menu to know the price of the food that they are going to enjoy. Furthermore, the restaurant menu printing is the way out to eliminated the need to request the waitress to memories all the restaurant menu and pricing. The menu will make the customer and waitress to be more comfortable and convenience during the food ordering process. Thus, the restaurant requires the menu printing solution. The following is reference information about the restaurant menu printing process.


Restaurant Menu Printing Process

First of all, the restaurant need to plan what they are going to print on the menu. The restaurant and chef will sit down for discussion and do some brainstorming. They will list out the food which is served by the restaurant. And they will sketch out the menu content and items which is going to be printed in the menu. Handwriting will be fine. Some restaurant will request the employee to do the computer typing work and attach the sketch as the reference material. Besides, some test and taste procedure may be carried out to select the right items to be listed in the menu.

After the menu item is finalized, the restaurant will start to look for the food photoshoot photographer. The foodies photographer is needed to take the photo of the food. The restaurant may find the photographer by reviewing the photographer Instagram photo, Facebook Page or profile website. Then, the restaurant will start to contact the photographer for further discussion. The restaurant need the foodies photographer expertise, skill and creativity to create a good visual graphical content for the menu.

After the photographer is hired, the photo shooting session will be held either in the restaurant dining area or kitchen. The foodies photographer and chef will work together to complete the photo shoot session.

After the photo is produced by the foodies photographer, the restaurant will hire a graphic designer. The graphic designer will design the menu for restaurant by using software such as Adobe illustrator, Photoshoot and Lightroom. In order to create the menu artwork, the food photo which is produced by the photographer will be transferred to the graphic designer. Additionally, some restaurant will hire a professional foodies menu content writer to create the creative and easy understanding content.

Lastly, the graphical artwork of the menu will be reviewed and finalized by the restaurant. Then, the artwork will be submitted to the printing shop or factory to start the restaurant menu printing process.

Restaurant Menu Printing Option And Method

The restaurant can select different menu printing option and method. The most common restaurant menu printing method is the offset printing method. The Malaysia printing factory such as ACC and Eprint is providing the offset printing solution. The offset printing method is able to produce the menu in mass quantity. The restaurant can use the menu in the restaurant and distribute the menu to the public for marketing purpose.

On the other hand, the restaurant can select the laser or inkjet printing method to print the restaurant menu. The inkjet restaurant menu printing method is suitable to be used to produce low volume menu copy with high printing quality. The inkjet restaurant menu printing method is able to print photo quality menu. The restaurant menu colour will be more accurate and nature.

Additionally, the restaurant can select the material that they wish to use to print the menu. After the restaurant menu printing is completed, the restaurant can request the printing shop and factory to laminated the menu. The laminated layer will be able to protect the menu and increase the menu durability.


Where To Find The Malaysia Restaurant Menu Printing Shop And Factory

The restaurant can find the Malaysia restaurant menu printing shop through the online search engine. There are many printing factory and shop in Malaysia. Some of the menu printing factory have setup a online order and artwork submission system for their customer. The restaurant can place the order for the restaurant menu printing service online. Alternatively, the restaurant purchaser or admin can walk in to the printing or stationary shop to request for the restaurant menu printing service. Most of the printing shop and stationary shop are providing the restaurant menu printing services and solution. However, their printing cost and price will be slightly higher than printing factory. This is because most of the stationary shop are outsourcing the printing work to the third-party printing factory. Additionally, the foodies photographer and graphic designer can provide the restaurant menu printing solution.

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