What is the material of food delivery bag ?

We can find certain type food delivery bag in Malaysia which is made by certain type of Material. Different type of material is able to build the thermal bag with different level of strength, durably, elasticity, thermal insulated ability, water resistance ability and overall outlook. The following are the material which is suitable to be used to make the food delivery bag.


Vinyl Laminated Fabric – Nylon Fabric

Vinyl laminated fabric is a nylon which has a vinyl laminated layer. The nylon fabric normally will be used as the outer layer. While the vinyl layer will use as a inner layer. The vinyl is a thermoplastic resin. It has water resistance and thermal insulating ability. This is the reason why vinyl laminated food delivery bag has water resistance ability and able to maintain the temperature of the food. Furthermore, the vinyl layer will improve the fabric strength and durability. Vinyl laminated thermal bag is commonly used by the food delivery rider.


Aluminium Foil

The aluminium foil is normally being sewed inside the thermal bag. The aluminium foil is a heat reflective material. So, it can prevent the heat from releasing out from the food delivery bag. Normally, the aluminium foil will be sewed together with the nylon fabric of the bag. While the span will be allocated in between the fabric and aluminium foil layer. Additionally, the aluminium foil layer is a water proof material. Thus, it can make sure the water cannot easily go into the thermal bag.


PVC Canvas Fabric

PVC Canvas fabric is an alternative material for vinyl laminated nylon fabric. The PVC canvas is thicker and denser. Additionally, the PVC canvas fabric has stronger tensile strength. Thus, some food delivery bag manufacturer is using the PVC canvas fabric to make a more durable food delivery thermal bag. Furthermore, the PVC canvas fabric has a good water resistance ability. Besides, the heat is not easy to be released from the PVC thermoplastic resin layer. However, PVC canvas food delivery bag is more costly compare to vinyl laminated nylon thermal bag.



Fiberglass is used as the material to make a hard cover food delivery bag. It is more suitable to called it as a thermal box. The fiberglass food delivery box is normally being fixed and installed behind the scooter or motorcycle. This is because the fiberglass thermal is heavier and larger. It is not suitable to be carry by the rider. Some rider is preferring to use the fiberglass thermal box is because it is huge. It is good alternative to be used to carry mass quantity of meal box. Besides, fiberglass is water proof. And this type food delivery bag is easier to be locked.


ABS Plastic

The ABS plastic is usually used to make the travel luggage. ABS plastic lighter and has a higher tensile strength compare to the fiberglass. Thus, ABS plastic is used to make high quality food delivery bag. The ABS plastic is having a good shape recovery ability. In other words, the ABS food delivery thermal bag is able withstand certain level of impact without damage. Besides, the ABS thermal bag is suitable to be carried by the rider because it is light. The rider is able to carry the ABS thermal bag along with them when they are delivering the meal. As an additional information, the ABS thermal bag manufacturing process is involving the mould. The bag manufacturer is requiring to design and make a special mould to produce the ABS structure. Thus, most of the thermal bag manufacturer does not receive small quantity custom made ABS food delivery bag.

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