Restaurant Hood For Restaurant In Malaysia

The restaurant hood is install to help to clean the air inside the restaurant kitchen. The restaurant hood is install on top of the kitchen cooking stove. It will be able to suck up the dirty oil which is generate during the food cooking process. The smoke and dirty air will pollute the air inside the kitchen. The kitchen operator and chef will feel difficult, unhealthy and unsafe to work in the kitchen which is full of polluted and greasy air. Thus, the hood is being installed in the kitchen to solve the kitchen polluted air problem.


The restaurant hood is a mechanical ventilation system which is able to suck the air and transfer the air from the kitchen to the outdoor space. The grease laden which is produced during the cooking process is very unhealthy. Imagine the kitchen operator breathe with the greasy air for the whole day, the greasy air will create serious impact to the health especially the human breathing system. Thus, it is the responsible of the restaurant owner to install the restaurant hood and ventilation to improve the air quality inside the kitchen. Besides, the grease laden air, odour and dirty air will flow into the dining area if the ventilation system and kitchen hood is not setup properly. So, the kitchen must have the effective ventilation system and well operate restaurant hood in order to improve the kitchen and dining area environment. Nobody will feel happy to dine in the restaurant which is full of grease laden air and unwelcoming odour.


The restaurant hood has a canopy suction unit, grease trapping unit, air pump, compressor, and air transfer channel. The canopy of the restaurant hood must be wider than the stove in order to prevent the dirty air from being failed to be suck out from the kitchen. The contractor and engineer are requiring to calculate the space of the kitchen and grease laden air amount. They will do the calculation before advice the restaurant owner to install the correct the ventilation hood. The restaurant hood must be able to replace the dirty air in kitchen as efficient as possible. Furthermore, there are several accessories which can be installed to the restaurant hood and ventilation system to improve the kitchen ventilation system operation performance.

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