Select The Suitable Food Delivery Bag In Malaysia Pt 1

There is different type of food delivery bag for different scenario. The restaurant is able to select and purchase different type of food delivery bag in Malaysia. There is some guideline for the purchaser to choose the suitable thermal bag for the restaurant and riders. The restaurant purchaser may select the bag base on the following criteria and reference information.



Food Delivery Rider

The rider is the person who will use the food delivery bag. Thus, the food delivery thermal bag must be able to fulfilled their requirement and improve their work efficiency. The backpack food delivery bag is more suitable for part time rider. The permanent installed thermal bag is suitable for them. This is because the permanent installed thermal bag required certain type of holder. The holder will installed on the scooter or motorcycle. Thus some part time rider does not want their motorcycle being installed with the holder. This is because most of the part time rider does not work full day or every day for the restaurant. Their vehicle will be used for the other purpose.

Besides, the mobility and weight are the criteria which will be considered by the rider. The rider is happier to carry the bag which is lighter and easy to carry. They wish they can easily carry the bag with them when they are delivery the food from door way to another door way.



Dimension Of The Meal Box

Different food delivery bag is suitable to be used to carry the meal box with different dimension. The purchaser will select the bag which is able to pack with the maximised quantity of meal box. As a reference information, the biggest bag does not mean it can carry the highest quantity of meal box. This is because some meal box dimension is not suitable for the thermal bag dimension. There will be too many unused space in the bag if the dimension of bag and meal box does not able to fit correctly. So, the purchaser requires to get the information of the food delivery bag because confirm the bag selection.


Budget And Cost

The bag purchaser will select the bag base on the allocated budget. Different type of food delivery bag will have different pricing and purchasing cost. Besides, some purchaser is buying the bag from the Malaysia food delivery bag supplier; while some purchaser will prefer to buy the bag from oversea seller. Thus, the shipping cost will affect the bag purchasing pricing. After reviewing the thermal bag purchasing cost, the purchaser will select the bag which is good for them.




Shipping And Lead Time

The thermal bag shipping and the fabrication lead time are one of the purchaser considering criteria. When the purchaser wish to use the bag urgently, they will try the buy the bag with shortest shipping time. It is good if they can walk in and get the food delivery bag immediately from the seller. So, the purchaser will find the Malaysia food delivery bag supplier. If the purchaser to place the custom-made order, the purchaser will consider the fabrication lead time. Some bag custom made factory requires about 1 month lead time to ship the final product. Some bag manufacturer can produce the bag in a shorter time. The purchaser will choose the food delivery bag manufacturer who can provide them the product base on their requirement and acceptable lead time. Besides, the shipping time will be the factor that will be considered by the purchaser. Some oversea seller is sending the food delivery bag through the instant air flight courier service; while some seller will ship the product through the slower sea shipping method.

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