Thermal Food Delivery Bag


Thermal food delivery bag is a bag with heat and temperature maintaining ability. It is a meal and food shipping bag which is used by the rider. The food delivery restaurant will use the thermal food delivery bag to send the food to the customer door step in Malaysia.

The thermal food delivery bag is commonly made by polyurethane coated or vinyl laminated fabric. While the inner part is laminated with aluminium foil layer. This aluminium foil layer is the key material to make the thermal food delivery bag to have the thermal insulated ability. On the other hand, some thermal food delivery bag is laminated with aluminium bubble layer. The aluminium layer are the common thermal insulated material to be used to made the thermal food delivery bag. Besides that, the PU or vinyl laminated fabric is playing the role to maintain the thermal inside the bag too. The vinyl or pu layer is used to trap the heat and hot air inside the bag. Furthermore, the vinyl or PU layer is water resistance. In other words, the thermal delivery bag is having a water proof cover.

In order to setup the food delivery rider team, the restaurant will try to purchase the food delivery bag. There are few method to purchase the thermal food delivery bag in Malaysia. The restaurant can request the bag manufacturer to custom made the bag for them. This is a good solution if the restaurant is purchasing the food delivery bag in big quantity. Besides, the food delivery restaurant can purchase the food delivery bag through online ecommerce website like Ebay, Alibaba or Amazon. This is a good alternative if the restaurant is purchasing the thermal bag in smaller quantity. Most of the seller will ship the thermal bag even the purchase quantity is only one unit. On the other hand, the restaurant is able to buy the thermal food delivery bag from some thermal bag supplier or distributor in Malaysia. They are able to find the distributor detail through search engine with a condition the distributor is posting the info online.

The benefit of using the thermal food delivery bag is the food temperature can be maintained at a longer period of time. The customer is able to enjoy hot food after the rider successfully deliver the food. Lastly, the thermal food delivery bag has a proper design for the restaurant to arrange the meal box. And the rider can deliver the food in more convenience method.

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