Time Blocker For Never Finish To-Do List

Why the to-do list is always so long and it never ending. Or Why I keep skipping some task in my to-do list ? I just like keeping on cheating myself and dropping away the task that I can never finish it on time.  The most common reason that I told myself is ; I am busy, I got somethings more important to do, or I can complete tomorrow. It is okie for me to push it to tomorrow. And obviously, the task will take forever to complete. This is scenario of never ending and never finish to-do list. Never know is this the same case for the other people out there or just a minority human being in the world is that low productive. Yes, it is the matter of productivity. Never ending to-do list is about the productivity.


To manage our time properly and increase out productivity. We have to complete all the task that I have been assigned. It doesn’t matter whether it is assigned by our self of being assigned by the other people. The task can be assigned by a very not thoughtful supervisor or a lovely partner. That is not the case to be considered in this circumference. Or else the work can never be done. Yes, you reject it from the very first minute when the task is assigned to you. And this is not what we are going to discussing about.  It is about how to finish the task in our to-do list.


In order to finish the task without having think about so many reason for ourself, we have to complete it on time. What is the most important is ; we need to improve our productivity. We are responsible to improve it. Some method have to be carried on by us to clear the never ending task. Deleting it, covered it or forget it is not the method. It is not a not recommended method although we have implemented it for a very long time. Let consider to walk away from our comfort zone. The time blocking method  is one of the solution to clear the task; at least our daily task.


For example, we have fix 45 minutes to complete this article. And we take about 30 minutes to finish most of the content writing word. After pressing on the keyboard for about 30 minutes, we spend another 15 minutes to do some finishing work. 45 minutes is the task blocking time. After 45 minutes, we have to stop working and make sure the task is checked and completed. This is what we always tell ourselves. But most of the time, in case is never that ideal. In between 45 minutes, we may be trying to do some other things. We always think that we are so good in multi-tasking. We try to multi-tasking in viewing Facebook or Instagram. As a result, we never success to complete the task in 45 minutes time block. And we tend to extend the time from 45 minutes to 50 minutes and to 150 minutes. Obviously, this is not the actual way to complete the task. Let set a an 45 minutes alarm. And make it ring maybe 10 minutes early before the time block is end. We have to make sure we should finish the task within the time that we have promised ourselves. Never try to cheat ourselves. And don’t do it daily.


Time blocking is a good method to make sure ourselves to finish the task on time. By using the time blocker, we can split our daily time for certain task. And it is a good reference information for us know whether we can take more task. We can also use this information to stop people from assigning the task to us anymore. Besides, we should not tell ourselves that ; it is hard to set the time blocker. I am not reach enough to hire an assistant to do that. This is the job of assistant. And for everyone information, there are a lot of to-do list App in the market. Google Market or App Store have a lot of to-do list. If the to-do list doesn’t have a time blocker app or alarm feature, we can download a separate alarm app. It sound like troublesome. But it will not be more troublesome than we hardly finish all the task on time. Let’s work out together to improve our productivity and clear the super long to-do list.

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