Type Of Food Delivery Bag Pt 1

There are few type of food delivery bag in Malaysia food delivery industry. Different type of food delivery bag is suitable for different type of food and meal box. Some food delivery restaurant in Malaysia are providing more than 1 type of delivery bag for their food delivery riders. Furthermore, different type of food delivery thermal bag have different capacity and shape. The restaurant and rider will select the bag which is suitable for their delivery meal box quantity and size. They will try to fully utilize the space inside the bag and reduce the delivery trip. This is one of the method to improve the food delivery service efficiency.


Sling Carry Food Delivery Bag

The sling carry food delivery bag is one type of the thermal bag used by the delivery rider. This type of thermal delivery bag is normally having smaller size. It is easier to be carry through crowd walk way or corridor. The restaurant will prefer to use the sling carry food delivery thermal bag if the ordered meal box quantity is small. Besides, the food delivery rider can place the bag beside the vehicle or bike when they are driving. This will help to reduce the load which is put on their shoulder.


Backpack Food Delivery Bag

This type of food delivery bag is the most common food thermal bag in the Malaysia food delivery industry. Backpack food delivery bag is easier to be used and carried. Besides, the backpack food delivery thermal bag can have a bigger range of size different. Small bag and big size bag can be designed with backpack feature. The rider will prefer to use backpack bag because of the mobility feature. They does not need to leave the bag on the motor when they are delivery the food to the customer. They can carry the bag along with them. However, backpack food delivery bag is slightly more costly than the sling carry food delivery thermal bag at the same capacity due to backpack feature.

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